MCAC Local Funding Request Guidelines

The Marshall County Arts Cooperative’s mission is to strive to unite the county as an arts community by promoting, inspiring, and supporting the arts and artists through our schools, community members, and other arts organizations to enrich the lives of all.


MCAC provides funding for local arts organizations.  To secure funding from MCAC, organizations must submit a written request.  Typically, MCAC meets the second Wednesday of every month. For requests of $500 or more a representative of the organization is welcome to attend the MCAC meeting to explain the request or to give additional information.


Requests should:

•          Include a 100 word description of the project.

•          Show estimated costs, other funding sources for this project, and requested funding.

•          Include marketing and promotion services requested of the MCAC (if applicable).

•          Include contact person with phone number, address, and e-mail address.


The board of directors will evaluate all requests and assign points according to the following criteria:


Artistic Growth (10)

•        Willingness to provide audiences with quality performances, and willingness to allow local artists a platform on which to perform


Community Involvement (10)

•        County-wide representation of artistic participants


Cooperation with MCAC’s Purpose (5)

•        The request strengthens and advances MCAC’s purpose and mission

Financial Need (5)

•        Organization exhibits legitimate operational costs and shows other avenues used to gain outside financial support


We appreciate proper acknowledgment and credit for support: Marshall County Arts Cooperative


Fill out the form below or send an email to

To send by mail, please send to:


P. O. Box 509

Marysville, KS  66508

Local funding request form

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