The Marshall County Arts Cooperative, based out of Marysville, KS, strives to bring a diverse spectrum of artists to the community.

Each season we offer an array of performing acts and events, as well as manage a non-profit gallery in Marysville featuring unique artists in the Midwest.

Without our supportive donors, we would not be able to make any of this happen.

Want to make a donation?

Send checks to:

MCAC                                  OR  

PO Box 509

Marysville KS 66508

A Special Thanks to Our 2018 Donors!

Charlene Hess Anspaugh
Evelyn Baker
Janet Bargman
Rob and Michele Beaman
Trent and Mandy Becker
Bob and Jeannette Bergquist
Darlene Boss
Kirk and Anne Bradford
Randy and Sherry Brown
Lynn and Renae Bruna
CJ Express
Dan and Mary Caffrey
Eva Cammel
Citizens State Bank
Brian and Mandy Cook
Jim and Connie Cook
Jeff and Maureen Crist
Rick and Kandy Cudney
Marjorie Cumro
Glenda and Robert Eck
eMpTy Cup Coffee Bar and Bistro
Vicki Flattery
Brian and Jackie Fragel
Charles and Betsy Friedrichs
Dave and Betty Friedrichs
Garden of Eden
Sheree Gallion
Ron and Fran Grauer
Ron and Sally Gray
Bob and Willa Griswold
Reinhard and Carla Grund
Guise-Weber Foundation, Inc.
Dr. David and Cheri Hamel
Lowell and Susan Hamilton
Marjorie Harland
Greg and Angie Hecke
R.L. and Elsa Helvering Trust
Inez Hermesch
Emily Hogan
Patrick and Gayla Hogan
Keith and Patty Holle

Kim and Colleen Holle

Mary Ann Holle

Gary and Joyce Howland

Frank and Margaret Huffman

Terry and Karen Hughes

Cindy Ingersoll

Ron and Connie Jacques

Wiley and Susan Kannarr

Kansas Department of Commerce

    Creative Arts Industries Commission

Sharon Kessinger

Ken and Barb Kickhaefer

Ross and Marjorie Koss

Bryan and Ashley Kracht

Scott and Lynn Kracht

Harlen and Kathy Kruse

Ken and Kay Kruse

Mary Kueny

Landoll Corporation

Don Landoll

Doug and Deb Landoll

Margaret Lange

Sheila Lewis

Gary and Cathy Lindquist

Ron and Deb Loges

Marty and Hannah Malotte

Kate Manley

The Marysville Advocate

Travis and Ashley Mason

Sarah Morrison

Steve Moser

Teri Naraghi

Dick and Pam Nordhus

Oliver Transmission

Bob and Sally Oliver

Valerie Oltman

Tom and Lori Parker

Bill and Chris Pannbacker

Lee and Lucy Papes

Frank and Julie Popejoy

Bonnie Rasmussen

Ed and Karen Rettig

Dean and Francis Richard

Norma Robinson

Alvin and Lue Ann Roepke

Gail and Beverly Roepke

Sue Rowland

Doug and Denise Ryan

Dr. John and Jill Ryan

Michael Sanchez, Sr. and Tammy Sanchez

Jeff and Marsha Schell

Matt and Angela Schmale

Max and Patty Searcey

Anna Shaffer

Bessie Shum

John and JoAnn Shum

Elizabeth Skinner

Jan Smith

Kerry and Paula Smith

Russell and Sherrill Sparks

State Farm Insurance, John Banister

Michael and Randy Stech

Sharon Steenson

Donald and Leanna Stenglemeier

Jim and Linda Swim

Tom and Dixie Talbot

Ed Taphorn

Roberta Temeyer

Shane and Laura Thoreson

United Bank and Trust

Wendell and Jean Vandorn

Bob and Cindy Voet
Bill and JoAnn Walcott

Cleve and Mony Walstrom

Charles and Mary Weickert

Linda Westermann

Kenneth and Pat Winkenwader

Gene Wolfe

Erna Zink

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