About Us

Our Mission
Marshall County Arts Cooperative will serve as a catalyst to unite the county as an arts community by promoting, inspiring, and supporting the arts and artists through our schools, community members, and other arts organization to enrich the lives of all.
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Meet the Board

Wayne Kruse (President)
Maggie Kickhaefer (Vice President)

Hannah Simpson (Secretary)

Hannah Malotte (Treasurer)

Shannon Borgman

Tommy Brinegar

Rachel Massoth

Tommy McNish

Richard Nelson

Sally Oliver

Colette Ottens

Liberty Price-Obley

Hannah Simpson

Cindy Voet

Annamarie Wagner

Brandon Wagner

Student Artistic Leadership Liaisons

Ian Cook - Marysville High School

Ariona Miller - Marysville High School

McKenna Minneman - Marysville High School

Have a love of the arts and want to be involved?
We are always looking for fresh faces to serve on our board.
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